Stashing smells since 2010

The ABSCENT Collection is stylish, simple & effective.

ABSCENT Design produces durable high-end bags, lined with the thickest and most concentrated carbon on the market – guaranteed to keep the strongest of odours under control.

We take pride in our products. Starting with quality raw materials sourced from the USA, ABSCENT bags are designed and manufactured in North America.

We want you to travel safely, with your odours concealed. We only deliver the best, strongest, most “smell-stashing-est” bags on the market !!!

Available in small sizes for “personal stash” smells and larger formats for louder smells, ABSCENT has your back when you are on the road (in your own country of course) !!!

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Americans are the best at what they do, and ABSCENT Design does BAGS.

WE LOVE BAGS & we want you to LOVE yours too.


How to Use the Abscent Bags

  1. Place any odour emitting substance into a plastic bag BEFORE inserting inside the Abscent Bag.
  2. Make sure the plastic bag (such as a zip lock bag) is secure and place it into the Abscent Bag
  3. The patent pending carbon liner will trap any odour that may leak from the plastic bag
  4. Use the heavy duty zipper to lock in any odour that was not absorbed by the liner
  5. Finally seal the bag and zipper with the industrial strength velcro to ensure complete freshness

You’re done !!!!! Transport almost anything with confidence that your odours are contained